Making changes to the JavaScript menu in the PartnerSite

Hostgator India allows you to customize the JavaScript menu of your PartnerSite, such that you may modify/remove particular sub-menus, or even remove a particular menu altogether.

To make changes in the JavaScript menu of PartnerSite

  1. Login to your PartnerSite Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Language PartnerSites section, click on Manage Site besides the Language PartnerSite, where you wish to make changes to the menu.

  3. Under the Edit Main Menu section, click on Edit Menu. This will open the Menu_data.js file for modification.


    The Menu_data.js file contains the various Menu text as well as their links. On the other hand, the Menu_style.js file contains all the style elements of your JavaScript Menu. So if you need to simply make modifications to how the menu is displayed, then you need to only edit Menu_style.js file. See details

  4. While the left-hand side textbox displays the Original Content, your modifications need to be submitted into the right-hand side textbox (titled Your Content).

    • It is recommended that while making modifications to the menu data, select the Lock Scroll checkbox. This scrolls both the Original Content as well as the Your Content textboxes simultaneously, such that you can easily review the original PartnerSite content while you are modifying it.

    • If you wish to reduce the number of times you have to scroll through the textboxes, you may click on the Increase Size link.

  5. On completing the modification, click Save Changes. The changes you have made will be reflected on your PartnerSite immediately.

  • You will have to repeat the above process if you have configured multiple languages for your PartnerSite.

  • If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the earlier setting, from the Edit view, click Reset to Default.