Personal Email Deprecation

The Personal Email Product offered by Hostgator India has been deprecated w.e.f 2nd Feb 2015. The below changes have come into effect due to this deprecation:


All Personal Email Orders will be suspended on 30th April and you will no longer be able to send/receive emails. However, you will be able to renew the concerned order and resume all services as per the new billing model.

Control Panel

  • Customer Control Panel: The Email Hosting option under the Quick Links -> Add New Order section has been removed.

  • Reseller Control Panel: The Products -> Email Hosting -> Buy sub-menu has been removed.


  • The API Add Order call will throw an exception if the Plan category is email_plan.

  • The API Modify/Upgrade Order call will be processed only if the new Plan category is websitebuilder_plan.

    The new Plan category can be email_plan only if the current Plan category is email_plan. In all other cases, an exception will be thrown if the new Plan category is linux_hosting_plan or windows_hosting_plan or email_plan.


  • The Web Hosting section will not display any Plans for the Legacy Linux, Windows Hosting or Email Products.

  • You can switch from an existing Website Builder Plan to another Website Builder Plan only.